Quality Improvement Becoming Integral Factor of Continuing Medical Education

September 3, 2014

AcademicCME, a leading CME provider, will be featuring their patient outcome centric QIE curriculum at the Alliance Quality Symposium, Sept. 23-25, 2014

AcademicCME QIE provides continuous professional development as well as aids in the fulfillment of MOC IV board requirements. Participation in AcademicCME’s QIE programs allows physicians to improve the quality and outcomes of their practice through participating in a QIE curriculum.

AcademicCME will be in exhibiting at the Quality Alliance Symposium, taking place at the Baltimore Marriot Waterfront from September 23-25, 2014.

Information will be provided on AcademicCME QIE courses offered. Previous QIE courses have focused on topics such as multiple sclerosis, and oncology, specifically prostate cancer and renal cell carcinoma. All curriculum content includes clinical trial analysis, clinical decision-making, patient education and dynamically updated content.

AcademicCME strives to facilitate the involvement of practitioners throughout the country, serving academic medical hospitals as well as community practices.

“Academic CME knows what’s important to clinicians and desires to enhance the standard of care for community physicians throughout the U.S.  Our courses act as a catalyst, delivering learning based on identified performance gaps and facilitating practitioner collaboration,” said Dr. Timothy Hayes, M.D. President of AcademicCME.

AcademicCME QIE also differentiates itself through its unique vetting process, which attracts physicians to fully engage through their 12-month practice assessment and a user-friendly online interface to communicate and review the results with all members of the practice.