Common Standardized Scales for Measuring Motor Function in SMA

Program Overview In this module of a Five-Part Expert Interview Series, Amy Pasternak, PT, DTP, PCS, along with Dr. Basil Darras, will discuss the standardized scales for measuring spinal muscular atrophy. The faculty will review the various ways to measure SMA function and how to implement them into practice, ultimately providing clinicians further knowledge to […]

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Understanding the Characteristics of SMA and Diagnostic Criteria

Program Overview In this module of a Five-Part Expert Interview Series, Dr. Basil Darras, along with Dr. Robert Graham, will analyze the characteristics of spinal muscular atrophy, as well as discussing the diagnostic criteria. The faculty will discuss how to apply this data into clinical practice in order to improve patient outcomes. Target Audience Neurologists, […]

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Scientific Overview: The Pathology, Biology, and Molecular Genetics of SMA

Program Overview In this module of a Five-Part Expert Interview Series, Dr. John Brandsema, along with Dr. Basil Darras, will review the pathology, biology and molecular genetics of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This discussion will provide clinicians with a better understanding of the science of spinal muscular atrophy and how it relates to patient care. […]

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An Update of Emerging Concepts in the Management of Alzheimer’s Disease

Neurons in the brain on dark blue background

Program Overview This CME/CNE program will highlight content presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2018 held in Chicago, Illinois. The three expert faculty, led by Dr. Richard S. Isaacson, will provide an interactive account of recently released data regarding the treatment and management of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). An overview of Alzheimer’s […]

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Advancements in the Prevention and Management of Stroke

Blood clot brain medical concept as 3D illustration blood cells blocked by an artery blockage thrombus causing a blockage of blood flow to the neurology anatomy in a black background.

Program Overview This CME/CNE webcast will highlight recent advancements in the prevention and management of stroke. The expert faculty will discuss best practices for assessing risk as well as the modifiable risk factors of stroke. Recent clinical trial data, including that of combination therapy, will be analyzed, as well as strategies for managing the comorbidities […]

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