Novel Treatment Strategies for Multiple Sclerosis: S1P-Based Therapeutics and the Role of Combination Therapy

nerve cells, concept for neurodegenerative and neurological disease, tumors, brain surgery. 3d rendering

Program Overview This continuing education activity will focus on treatment strategies for patients with multiple sclerosis, utilizing S1P-based therapeutics and combination therapy. Four expert faculty will review new and emerging clinical trial data of S1P-based therapeutics. The faculty will also discuss the data and rationale for utilizing combination therapeutics in managing patients with multiple sclerosis. […]

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Management of Patients with SMA: Standards of Care

The contours of the human skin, skeleton and muscules

Program Overview In this module of a Five-Part Expert Interview Series, Dr. Robert Graham, along with Dr. Basil Darras, will discuss the standards of care guidelines and how to implement them while managing patients with SMA. The faculty will review these guidelines and express how to utilize them in clinician practice, ultimately improving patient care. […]

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Clinical Trial Data: New and Emerging Therapies for SMA

Program Overview In this module of a Five-Part Expert Interview Series, Dr. Basil Darras, along with Dr. Robert Graham, will review clinical trial data including new and emerging therapies for spinal muscular atrophy. The two will discuss how this clinical trial data translates into practice, ultimately improving care for SMA patients. Target Audience Neurologists, pediatricians, […]

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